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4 Questions before Wearing Words

4 things to keep in mind when selecting clothing with words: 1. Do you like the words? This seems obvious, but it should be mentioned since there are plenty of posts on Instagram and TikTok telling you what's cool/not cool.  So let's start here: do you like the words? Maybe you feel like the message represents you, inspires you, or makes you chuckle. If so, then you're off to a great start! Proceed to the next question. 2. Do the words communicate respect to others? Do the words build up another person? Can they create a moment of shared interest between you and someone else (with a tone that doesn't mock or alienate people who don't hold that interest)? Do the words...

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1 Great Pair of Pants, 12 Months of Outfits

When these pants arrived, I was seriously so inspired! I immediately made a couple of outfits, and then I just.kept.going! I could seriously wear these every month in all the seasons. They're super cute, and I love how they can remix with so many different pieces in my closet.  My style advice for 2023? Don't be afraid of wide leg jeans --whether the trend is new to you or a return to the not-so-distant familiar. Wide leg jeans are comfortable, not as restrictive as skinny jeans, and are more versatile than you might think!  If you wonder if they will be flattering, a few key things: wear them above the ankle -- it's a fresh take on an old trend,...

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