What Jeans are in Style in 2024?

What Jeans are in Style in 2024?

 Are skinny jeans really out?

Here's the thing -- some people say skinny jeans are out, but the reality is that a lot of people of all ages are still wearing them. If "out" to you means that some fashion guru or social media influencer says you should stop wearing them, then maybe they are out. But if you go by what people are actually wearing, skinny jeans haven't been moved OUT of people's closets. Here's proof and also here's why--

Proof that skinny jeans aren't out: These two photos were taken in 2024 of teens in real life i.e. they aren't models, and this was a normal day in their real lives (I screenshot these from our church's instagram). I've cropped out the pretty faces because they're not professionals, and also I want you to focus on the cut and styles of their jeans. 

You'll see in both of these photos that a variety of jeans are represented:

  • Wide leg, straight leg, skinny leg, flared leg;
  • black jeans, white jeans, dark jean, light jeans; 
  • ripped jeans, smooth jeans, frayed jeans, trouser jeans.

Unlike every other decade in fashion history, there is not one single type of jeans that is the "it" pair. If you glanced at a photo taken in the early 2000s, the teen girls would all have been wearing something similar -- low rise, dark wash, flared/boot cut jeans. Likewise a photo from the 1970s would display bell bottom jeans, and the 1980s would showcase high rise jeans, while in the 90s we wore pleated jeans and rolled the cuffs. 

However, in the 2020s we're in new fashion terrain, and I think the digital age is the reason why. Rather than everyone conforming to a singular fashion trend (usually fueled by magazines and retailers), we are able to connect with stylists and brands all over the world who match with our individual tastes. As a result, women everywhere are embracing a "I'll wear what I like" style.

This is a great thing! It allows us to break free from the "must have" trends and opt for clothing that we like just because we like it. It allows our fashion choices to serve our needs and lifestyles, which makes for a wide variety of possibilities. 

Why are people still wearing skinny jeans? Skinny jeans serve unique purposes in a wardrobe: nothing compares to skinny jeans when you want to showcase a cute pair of boots. They're great for cold weather, and skinny jeans are the right balance when you want to wear an oversized sweater. However, skinny jeans can feel dated if you're still wearing the field-polo-inspired outfits from the 20-teens. (Striped shirt under a waterfall cardigan with an infinity scarf and skinny jeans tucked into riding boots). That look had a distinctive moment like the others, a "this photo was taken in 2017" marker of fashion history.

In 2024, skinny jeans have a place in your wardrobe, but so do wide leg jeans and straight leg jeans among others. So, go ahead, wear your skinny jeans if you love them and when their purposes serve you. But try mixing things up a bit too because that will keep you from feeling tired of your wardrobe. Now is the ideal time to embrace variety while not having to say bye to your favorites!  

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