Pop Colors in 2023 Fashion

Pop Colors in 2023 Fashion

I love adding pops of color to my wardrobe! Not just in accessories, but in statement pieces like tops and dresses. 

A color that I'm seeing everywhere this season is coral, and it's no wonder why people love this versatile hue! It's softer than orange and brighter than pink. It's feminine and bold at the same time. Some of the most beautiful flowers are coral, and usually a good rule of thumb is-- if it occurs in nature, it's a winning shade!

That also probably explains why coral is one of those rare universally-flattering shades. According to a recent article in Glamour Magazine, coral works with all skin tones. 

I love that it can vibe in different seasons. I pair coral with straw and seashells in the summertime, with brown leather and boots in the fall, and with pastels in the spring. It can feel on point in so many seasons!

We've brought statement pieces to our store in a variety of stunning coral shades:

We hope you enjoy creating fun styles with this beautiful color!  

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