4 Questions before Wearing Words

4 Questions before Wearing Words

4 things to keep in mind when selecting clothing with words:

1. Do you like the words? This seems obvious, but it should be mentioned since there are plenty of posts on Instagram and TikTok telling you what's cool/not cool.  So let's start here: do you like the words? Maybe you feel like the message represents you, inspires you, or makes you chuckle. If so, then you're off to a great start! Proceed to the next question.

2. Do the words communicate respect to others? Do the words build up another person? Can they create a moment of shared interest between you and someone else (with a tone that doesn't mock or alienate people who don't hold that interest)? Do the words share a truth in a loving way? If so, then the words you wear will not only inspire you, but they can do the same for others!

3. Where are the words placed? Sometimes a piece of clothing might have a great slogan, but the letters are situated in a way that draws attention to a feature that you don't want to emphasize. This will be different for everyone, so the important thing to consider is if you feel comfortable wearing it. Ball caps require less consideration for word placement. A phrase on your ball cap can pull attention away from your hair, which might be exactly what you want! In the case of messy hair, the words are strategically placed. If you're wearing a hat for shade or other reasons, the words in front are ready to greet whomever you meet.

4. Do you want to update your look? We will say this on repeat: you do not have to bow to trends. But if you value updating your look, it's helpful to note that there are trends in fonts as with anything else. It's why brands will change their labels and logos on everything from ketchup and soda to universities and doctor's offices. The most popular fashion lettering of the 2010's were brush scripts that resembled elaborate handwriting. In the 2020's, lettering has shifted to a more uniform look. Whereas script lettering overlaps itself and has big differences in height and width, 2020's lettering has more uniformity, with clean lines and block or retro style letters.

That's it! If you feel good about these 4 things: message, tone, placement, and style of the letters, then you've found some winning words to wear! Including words like this in your wardrobe will make you feel more like yourself when you're getting dressed and just might make a connection with other people too.

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