Styling an Outfit with Leggings in 2023

Styling an Outfit with Leggings in 2023

FAQ: Can I still wear a tunic and leggings in 2023?

Two part answer:

1. If you love it, you can wear it! The first rule of style is that your clothing should be a comfortable fit for both your body and personality. Leggings are a great way to stay warm and comfortable, especially in the winter, so to me, it doesn't make sense to banish leggings from my wardrobe. 

2. If you want to freshen up how you style an outfit with leggings, I'm all for it! Here are a few suggestions for updating:

  • Mix your neutrals, ex: wear brown and black together or wear an outfit of only neutral shades,
  • Balance your outfit so that it's not all dark on the bottom or top. Ex: if you wear black leggings, don't wear black shoes. Instead, wear a lighter color shoe that coordinates with the colors in your top, and add a black accessory to the upper half of your body, such as a scarf, earrings, Black Denim Jacket, or Crossbody Bag.
  • Go more casual with your shoes and purse. Athletic shoes and crossbody belt bags go way beyond athleisure. Pair them with sweaters, dresses, blouses, and more! Our Gold Velcro Sneakers and Canvas & Leather Crossbody Bags are affordable options that you can remix with lots of styles. Leggings Outfit Mixing Neutrals Style 2023
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