1 Great Pair of Pants, 12 Months of Outfits

1 Great Pair of Pants, 12 Months of Outfits

When these pants arrived, I was seriously so inspired! I immediately made a couple of outfits, and then I just.kept.going! I could seriously wear these every month in all the seasons. They're super cute, and I love how they can remix with so many different pieces in my closet. 

My style advice for 2023? Don't be afraid of wide leg jeans --whether the trend is new to you or a return to the not-so-distant familiar. Wide leg jeans are comfortable, not as restrictive as skinny jeans, and are more versatile than you might think! 

If you wonder if they will be flattering, a few key things:

  • wear them above the ankle -- it's a fresh take on an old trend, and gives some definition. The raw hem trend makes this so easy because you can measure and cut! You can let a little leg show with a flat or heel, or pair them with a form fitting boot. Both ways look great! 
  • Define the waist - you can do this a few ways - tuck in a slim-fit top, wear a belt, front tuck your shirt, tie a front knot/side knot in your tee. Giving some shape will help balance the wide leg. Even if you're concerned about a broad middle, a wide leg jean and a defined waist can actually take the focus away from the area you're trying to cover. If that is your concern, a cropped jacket or blazer can be a great thing to pair with a wide leg jean.
  • Balance the top. If it feels frumpy to you, add something that's eye-catching to the upper half, such as big earrings, knotted headband, wide-brimmed hat, scarf, or cross-body bag. 

I love embracing trends, not because I want to impress people, but because it's fun! Variety really is a spice of life. Fashion is a fun form of art! Trends to me are like narrowing the focus in art class, "Today we're working with watercolors; next week will be finger paints." It's a creative way to get dressed each day, and we all know as adults we could use a little more creativity and imagination in our lives. Doing that with clothing just makes sense because we have to get dressed anyway! :) I hope you find fun and joy in the process too! 

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