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Style Packs are a great way to try out Sweet Charity clothes for 50-80% off retail prices.

- Choose the size you wear most often in tops. Our sizing is generally as follows: S(2/4), M(6/8), L(10/12), XL(12/14), 1X(14/16), 2X(18/20), 3X(22/24)
- Each Style Pack contains 4 clothing items and 1 accessory (Mini Packs contain 2 clothing items and 1 accessory).
- After you purchase your pack, fill out our Style Questionnaire, linked HERE. This helps us know what colors, styles, and fits you prefer -- the more info you give us, the better!
- Style Packs are based in the current season, though we may include one or two all-season or layering pieces. (In other words, you'll never receive a heavyweight sweater in summer, but you might get a flowy long sleeve top and lightweight jacket).
- All Style Pack purchases are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. If there is an item in your box that doesn't quite work for you, we kindly ask that you hand it off to a friend or donate it.
- One Style Pack per customer, please. You may purchase additional packs as gifts.
- Style Packs are not eligible for promotion discounts, returns or exchanges. Purchase of a Style Pack is an agreement to these terms.

The pictures are samples of what Style Packs might look like. We can't guarantee you will get a particular item, but we promise to send something we think you'll love!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
amy frary
Always Pleased

I always get a style pack when they are available. Sometimes I will suggest something that I've had my eye on and other times I just let it all be a surprise. No matter what, I am happy every time! I am getting a great value and the clothes are nice quality. Thanks!

Style Box Review

Loved the unique finds that were in my pack. I received three tops, earrings, and a jumpsuit. The tops fit my ask to be business casual appropriate so I can wear those to the office; the jumpsuit however is a bit more out of my comfort zone. It'll take some much warmer weather and an event other than sitting in my house during quarantine or going into the office periodically to have an occasion to wear it...

Felice St. John
Very fun!

What I loved the best was the surprise element! I felt like the items that I received were fun and fit well. They may not have been items that I would have picked on my own, which, for me, was the fun factor! I love all of the picks they made!

Rhiannon Wenning

The clothes were cute, but didn’t quite match my tastes. My jeans fit great and I can’t wait to wear them! My shoes were not in my size, but still fit. I asked for no skirts, but got a dress. I will make sure I am more clear in my questionnaire next time.

Jasmine Franklin

I LOVED this style pack. I got the dress I requested. Got another super cute dress. The shirts weren’t super my style but they were nice. The only thing I didn’t care for was the head band. I can’t pull those off. Otherwise I loved it!